Not Something Sisters Do (Camren)

Not Something Sisters Do (Camren)

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yeahx5h By yeahx5h Updated Sep 13

4 years ago...

"Lauren, come down please."

Lauren set down the book she was reading and ran downstairs to go see what her mom was calling her down for.

She walked into the kitchen and saw her mom standing next to an unfamiliar man, "Yeah mom?"

Lauren raised an eyebrow in curiosity when she saw her mom whisper something in the mans ear, he smiled kindly at Lauren before walking out into the backyard, leaving lauren and her mom alone.

Her mom sat down at the table and motioned Lauren to do the same.

She sat down next to her mom, her mom broke the silence, "We're moving."

Lauren's eyes widened, she opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by her mom, "That man, his name is Alejandro and we'll be moving in with him and his daughter by the end of the month."

"Mom why are we moving in with him? That's weird, why can't we just stay here?"

Lauren's mom smiled kindly at her daughter, "Me and Alejandro are getting married, so it would make sense to move in together."

A big frown and d...

Hmm so 4 years into the present...that means in the present Lauren's 18 and Camilla is 17!
Dope_Jauregui96 Dope_Jauregui96 7 days ago
I feel like this fanfic is gonna make me slightly uncomfortable 😂
Me when my mom tells me to do something for her every ten minutes
acm798 acm798 Nov 17
If my mom told me something like that like this I'd KILL HER
I would have been like 'well dāmń! What next? are you going to say your pregnant!?!?'
Well damn! Ya could of at least shook your future girlfriend's hand!!