P.H.O.B.I.A.S. (Paranormal Home of Biologically Improved Attributes to Society)

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AJ By darkarchangelgirl Updated 4 years ago
Hey readers! Do you think that your school, college, or job is the worst place in the world? Well, think again! Here's your wake-up call. Welcome to P.H.O.B.I.A.S., a "home" for children that surpass human normalcy. Gen M1, one of the oldest "students" in the program will show you the life of a paranormal. Follow her as she faces the many challenges of being a teenager, paranormal, and a prisoner.
I like the story. I like anything Sci-Fi, and this story falls into that category.
@darkarchangelgirl Didnt think the concepts would be so close. Except I have sergio. Therefore I win. Jkjk
@darkarchangelgirl  HOLY CRUD! youre right theyre a little similar but geez o.e
I don't really read a lot of science fiction and paranormal stuff, this is amazing! you did a really good job at writing this! i definitely look forward to this and keep up the amazing work! ((:
You have a stylish voice, which is I believe can't be learned, so that's an amazing gift. I love your story and your style. I will keep reading!
Interesting. There was one mistake with a missing "of" in between most & all and  I saw about one, little run-on sentence. Nothing major. Your descriptions were good, clear and to the point. I'm curious on where you're taking this. Again, good job.