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Emma: The Legend of the Darkstalker (HTTYD Fanfic)

Emma: The Legend of the Darkstalker (HTTYD Fanfic)

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Annee Michelle By xoxAnnee Completed

My name is Emma. I'm different than other nineteen-year-old girls; in fact, I'm different than everyone. I posess strange, evil powers--I always have. For starters, my chocolate brown hair has a dark purple sheen to it, and my eyes are dark purple as well... But the really weird thing is my birthmark: I have a purple birthmark that swirls and spirals like a vine up my left arm down to my hand and to my ring finger-tip and up the right side of my neck. But the real reason that I'm a freak... a monster... is because I cause a wake of destruction everywhere I go, and not because I'm clumsy. If I'm even at all tense, my footsteps leave dark purple scorch marks. When I get mad, my surroundings ignite with black and purple fire. It,s unpredictable because it's almost never the same thing, for instance, I often accidentally blast a purple beam of energy, or I cause gigantic black vines with purple thorns to rise from the ground without warning. I was abandoned when I was a baby, not that I can blame them... There are even legends about me that Vikings tell for ghost stories, or if they want to scare their kids into staying inside.

They call me a monster.

And they're right.

WoFFnaFFangirl28 WoFFnaFFangirl28 Sep 17, 2016
Just saying,don't know if you know this but Darkstakler is also a dragon from the book series,Wings of Fire,so don't be mad if people get confuse
Oh hey!
                              Do you like Wings of Fire stuff???
                              The Legends of Darkstalker is a thing there too
Ccrazy44 Ccrazy44 Oct 07, 2016
hey i am an author and i was wondering if u could check out my fist book and see if its ok. your opinion means a lot to me
kype3397 kype3397 Jan 29, 2016
Hey, u said u made the cover, how did u do that? I am trying to do my own cover, did u use an app? Please let me know
Goldsight Goldsight Aug 24, 2016
Just saying: the Darkstalker is a NightWing from ghost stories of the NightWing tribe. He does exist, actually. The story, I believe, is actually called: The Legend of the Darkstalker. XD
TheDevilsSpawnXD TheDevilsSpawnXD May 23, 2016
That's me if I have a kid- name them something common but make it spelled super weirdly so the teacher pronounces it wrong fist day