Emma: The Legend of the Darkstalker (HTTYD Fanfic)

Emma: The Legend of the Darkstalker (HTTYD Fanfic)

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My name is Emma. I'm different than other nineteen-year-old girls; in fact, I'm different than everyone. I posess strange, evil powers--I always have. For starters, my chocolate brown hair has a dark purple sheen to it, and my eyes are dark purple as well... But the really weird thing is my birthmark: I have a purple birthmark that swirls and spirals like a vine up my left arm down to my hand and to my ring finger-tip and up the right side of my neck. But the real reason that I'm a freak... a monster... is because I cause a wake of destruction everywhere I go, and not because I'm clumsy. If I'm even at all tense, my footsteps leave dark purple scorch marks. When I get mad, my surroundings ignite with black and purple fire. It,s unpredictable because it's almost never the same thing, for instance, I often accidentally blast a purple beam of energy, or I cause gigantic black vines with purple thorns to rise from the ground without warning. I was abandoned when I was a baby, not that I can blame them... There are even legends about me that Vikings tell for ghost stories, or if they want to scare their kids into staying inside.

They call me a monster.

And they're right.

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Silent_Image_ Silent_Image_ Aug 29, 2017
My name is jasmine but I wish my parents spelt it Jazemine. Get it Jazzie mine. That's cute but sadly my parents aren't original or creatives
WoFFnaFFangirl28 WoFFnaFFangirl28 Sep 17, 2016
Just saying,don't know if you know this but Darkstakler is also a dragon from the book series,Wings of Fire,so don't be mad if people get confuse
VanillaViolet11 VanillaViolet11 Jan 08, 2017
Oh hey!
                              Do you like Wings of Fire stuff???
                              The Legends of Darkstalker is a thing there too
Ccrazy44 Ccrazy44 Oct 07, 2016
hey i am an author and i was wondering if u could check out my fist book and see if its ok. your opinion means a lot to me
kype3397 kype3397 Jan 29, 2016
Hey, u said u made the cover, how did u do that? I am trying to do my own cover, did u use an app? Please let me know
Goldsight Goldsight Aug 24, 2016
Just saying: the Darkstalker is a NightWing from ghost stories of the NightWing tribe. He does exist, actually. The story, I believe, is actually called: The Legend of the Darkstalker. XD