Resume Of Romance

Resume Of Romance

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idet843 By idet843 Updated Oct 11, 2015

Rylie's breath catches in her throat.  Moving closer on the bed she wants to touch, she wants to caress the smattering of fine hair across his chest.  As the covers slip further down her eyes are stuck on his well-defined abs.  Really...she was hugged up against all of this last night and she was passed out?  She's frustrated with herself if she hadn't got drunk at that place she would have no reason to be here so affected by him.  Now that she's seen him like this how can she erase the images from her mind?

Her fingers dance upon his skin she takes the opportunity to touch every muscle she's afforded under the guise of waking him.  She calls his name several times her hands are pulling on his powerful arms.  He stirs again finally opening his eyes seeing her.  Lifting his head to look at her sleepily he grabs another pillow throwing it over his head attempting to block the sight and sound of her out.  

"Chace, wake up.  I need some aspirin for my head, I don't know where they are?"  She shoves him still complaining.

"On the table."  He irritably mumbles the pillow still covering his head.

"Where?"  She says with a frown leaning down trying to hear what he says. 

He removes the pillow from over his head turning over to face her.  "Either get off my bed or take off my shirt and crawl in, I'm not in a mood to compromise."  He says with a desirous look. She scrambles quickly off the bed not sure what to make of his comment and already feeling her own attraction.

"You know the gentlemanly thing to do would have been for you to take me home."  She fumes at him angered that he removed her dress and she doesn't know what else he did. 
He takes another pillow propping it behind his head looking at her standing near the bed, "I'm no gentlemen.  The lady-like thing you should have done is not get drunk or even be in a place like that."

"A place like that, were there to Chace Braxton, Mr. CEO."  She remarks.

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Love the book I have one problem I can't get the rest chapters
sadings sadings Nov 25, 2016
I wouldn't tbh. He and her sister can go fvck themselves. Cheaters
sadings sadings Nov 25, 2016
It makes it so much better that the love option is David Gandy, but one question - who's the guy at 3:30 ?
DrArimon DrArimon Oct 16, 2015
right there i know i am gonna enjoy your writing  no matter what is the story
artsyjar artsyjar May 26, 2015
Interesting start.  You gotvro take chance at love right. Otherwise, you would not know if it would work.
- - May 24, 2015
I wish it was in first person. it gets really repetitive with "her hair, her head, her eyes, her throat" it bores me. I'm sure it's a great story and all I just can't read it like this