Hero (Camila/You)

Hero (Camila/You)

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I've never been liked by my mom and my twin sister. I have a dad but he never interfered in the arguments mom got with me-only when I did something she didn't like or dressed in some way she didn't like. Very silly arguments if you ask me. I never spoke my mind up, always held what was inside my head and what I wanted to say. But that changed one day.

I would call it a fairytale but, that doesn't exist so I'll just call it a reward from the world. When we flied over to California to visit my grandmother, I thought we were going to stay for a few months but we didn't, we were going to move in and that's when everything changed, for the best of course.

I met Camila Cabello, the girl that my twin sister is head over heels for, and I understood later on why she was so head over heels with this girl, even though she never met her before face to face, only in pictures and videos. Camila made it easy for me to fall for her, and she gladly didn't let me fall. 

I consider her my Hero.

I was so close to fainting when I met the girls and Lauren looked me right in the eyes and called me baby, I swear to God I thought I died and went to heaven
I'm more of a wagon person, I hate small cars. But like thanks tho
Oh wait... I thought it's healthy... Well too bad I already told the whole world
allabout_gaylife allabout_gaylife 2 days ago
That's the name of my crush's girlfriend who is a total bítch
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This one didn't like pants and the other one didn't like bra, wow how wonderful they are
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I can't that gif gives me life uggghhhh she's so adorable I love her