Naruto X Sasuke Boy X Boy

Naruto X Sasuke Boy X Boy

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Made At age 12

Naruto: the 9 tail beast host. The most rejected person in the Hidden Leaf. Class Clown. The 4th Hokage's son. An Orphan. Loves Sasuke.
Sasuke: One of the last Uchiha's. Sharingan abusive. Class Role Model. An orphan. Loves Naruto
Kakashi: the best Shinobi in the hidden leaf. Sharingan user. White Fangs Son. Loves Iruka
Iruka: Naruto's teacher. Has a Scar over his nose. The one that understands Naruto. Loves Kakashi.
Sakura: Naruto's biggest crush. Hates Naruto. Loves Sasuke. Ino's rival. Pink Haired medic.
Ino: Sakura's Rival. Loves Sasuke. Mind transfer jitsu. 
Choji: Over eating, cannon ball imposter. long haired freak. Loves Food
Shikamaru: Hard in thought. A Responsible Ninja. The Hokage most trusted. Loves Temari.
Hinata: Byakugan using princess.
Neji: Byakugan using prince
TenTen: Ninja tool summoning.
Rock Lee: Tijutsu  using Shinobi
Shino: Insect holding. Bug using. freak
Kiba: a human with a grand sense of smell.

I couldn't finish it stopped.

Hold up woah im shook,
                              One second he woke up, then another he was summoned by Tsunade, and then he went to get Kiba, and then Hinata randomly brought that memory up, and now Sasuke is claiming him. 
                              Wait wasnt Naruto going to get Sasuke? 
                              Ye see im completely shook what is the happening.
GrimThree515 GrimThree515 Aug 07, 2016
Just because she said "Even if you have to hold her hand!" Doesn't mean you actually have to
I_love_anime180 I_love_anime180 Sep 15, 2016
Hahahaha!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂I laughed so hard at this!!!!oh by the way I hate hinata so that's why I was laughing extra hard 
                              Please don't kill me naruhina shippers!!!!!
                              You know what no!!!i will defend my ship!!!!!!*eyes turned into a sharingan*COME AT ME!!!!!!*holds sasukes sword*
Fallgirl1583 Fallgirl1583 Aug 09, 2016
Rejected.... ooo, it stings worse than getting friend zoned.
CaptainAkemi CaptainAkemi Nov 07, 2016
I'm waiting for that heated stuff to happen nejiiiiiii u better get 'im
natsu_anime143 natsu_anime143 Sep 22, 2016
YASSSSS! Neji gonna pound into shikamaru like there's no tomorrow 😏