Naruto X Sasuke Boy X Boy

Naruto X Sasuke Boy X Boy

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Made At age 12

Naruto: the 9 tail beast host. The most rejected person in the Hidden Leaf. Class Clown. The 4th Hokage's son. An Orphan. Loves Sasuke.
Sasuke: One of the last Uchiha's. Sharingan abusive. Class Role Model. An orphan. Loves Naruto
Kakashi: the best Shinobi in the hidden leaf. Sharingan user. White Fangs Son. Loves Iruka
Iruka: Naruto's teacher. Has a Scar over his nose. The one that understands Naruto. Loves Kakashi.
Sakura: Naruto's biggest crush. Hates Naruto. Loves Sasuke. Ino's rival. Pink Haired medic.
Ino: Sakura's Rival. Loves Sasuke. Mind transfer jitsu. 
Choji: Over eating, cannon ball imposter. long haired freak. Loves Food
Shikamaru: Hard in thought. A Responsible Ninja. The Hokage most trusted. Loves Temari.
Hinata: Byakugan using princess.
Neji: Byakugan using prince
TenTen: Ninja tool summoning.
Rock Lee: Tijutsu  using Shinobi
Shino: Insect holding. Bug using. freak
Kiba: a human with a grand sense of smell.

I couldn't finish it stopped.

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ShikaTema!😍😍😍 And I loove his dialogue, "What a drag"😂😂
What is so confusing?I understand all of it why are the comments confused?🤔🤗🤔🤗🤔😕🤔😕🤔😕🤗🤔🤔
CMCangel986 CMCangel986 Jul 02
Ok im starting to believe that he really did fall down the stair's then hit his head was unconscious for a few minutes then got back up like 'ok guys I'm fine also being unconscious is such a drag also stairs are a drag and the world is a drag'
I thought it said “Me and Sasuke go back to my house” 
CMCangel986 CMCangel986 Jul 02
Rips hole in book sticks head through "are you sure about that"
And then there was a slight tint of blush dusted on his face, “why are you blushing naruto~” sakura said with a sly purr in her voice “no reason at all” Naruto said in a venomous way.