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Naruto X Sasuke Boy X Boy

Naruto X Sasuke Boy X Boy

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NeverWasRight By NeverWasRight Completed

Made At age 12

Naruto: the 9 tail beast host. The most rejected person in the Hidden Leaf. Class Clown. The 4th Hokage's son. An Orphan. Loves Sasuke.
Sasuke: One of the last Uchiha's. Sharingan abusive. Class Role Model. An orphan. Loves Naruto
Kakashi: the best Shinobi in the hidden leaf. Sharingan user. White Fangs Son. Loves Iruka
Iruka: Naruto's teacher. Has a Scar over his nose. The one that understands Naruto. Loves Kakashi.
Sakura: Naruto's biggest crush. Hates Naruto. Loves Sasuke. Ino's rival. Pink Haired medic.
Ino: Sakura's Rival. Loves Sasuke. Mind transfer jitsu. 
Choji: Over eating, cannon ball imposter. long haired freak. Loves Food
Shikamaru: Hard in thought. A Responsible Ninja. The Hokage most trusted. Loves Temari.
Hinata: Byakugan using princess.
Neji: Byakugan using prince
TenTen: Ninja tool summoning.
Rock Lee: Tijutsu  using Shinobi
Shino: Insect holding. Bug using. freak
Kiba: a human with a grand sense of smell.

I couldn't finish it stopped.

Im_Sin Im_Sin May 05
Nnnnnnnnn I ship Naruto and Sasuke but also Naruto and Gaara -_-
2uiiciidal_2ollux 2uiiciidal_2ollux 6 hours ago
GAYS OF THE WORLD UNITE! (Scene from power rangers except its a whole bunch of gays forming a giant robot. )
YES! I'm sorry Hinata, I don't care if I sound lesbian or gay writing this but Hinata I love you your so cute!
I feel bad for hinata....but sasunaru is my otp
                              Again I still feel a bit bad for her.
- - Mar 25
Look I love Hinata and all but I also really love Sasuke so I'm just gonna *walks over to Sasuke* stay over here for a while *rests arm on Sasuke but he pushes me off* so much for trying to make a friend :')