My Stepbrother's a Vampire! || #Wattys2016

My Stepbrother's a Vampire! || #Wattys2016

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MentallyUnstable By UnBearablyOutThere Updated Nov 08, 2016

are no such things as vampires."

cocks his head to a side. He has taken off his shirt but the blood still
streaks his muscly physique like scarlet claws. "You don't truly believe that.
Because if it were true, you wouldn't be looking at me with such fear."

covered in George Aisles' blood," I whisper. "Of course I'm scared of you."

smile widens and he moves closer so that, were I to reach out, I could touch
him. He moves his hand over my chest. "Don't kid yourself, Kara," he murmurs so
throatily--so seductively--my heart rate picks up and my breath hitches. "I scare
you almost as much as I turn you on."

is right, of course. Never have I been so attracted to a person in all my life.
My nerves feel as if they are aflame. There is a place deep in my belly that
grows warmer as Alec-still shirtless and bloodstained-gazes suggestively at me.
Of course, I am good at concealing my inner emotions. Gorgeous as he is, Alec's
arrogance has struck a nerve.

knee jerks forward almost instinctually, connecting with the vampire's groin, and
Alec doubles over. **


After Alejandro Faustino, the ineffably gorgeous vampire son of my mother's boyfriend, attacks George Aisles, star quarterback and resident Mr. Popular of Manley High, a rift forms between pupils as they profess their loyalties--either Team George or Team Alec. Even more chaos in incited when Alejandro reveals exactly why he and his father left their hometown of Italy for San Francisco--they are running from an all-powerful evil, a dangerously dark creature whom Alejandro also used to date.
It doesn't exactly help that left, right and center, all girls seem to be doing is fall for Alejandro's beauty. Including me. 
Be witness to the mysterious beauty that is Alejandro Faustino, and the trail of destruction which never fails to follow.

*NEXT UPDATE ON 16/11/2016*

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Missy_Priyanka Missy_Priyanka 2 days ago
How can someone is not interested in red eyes???? It's the most rare and attractive thing..😤😤 you need a doctor girl.
DepressedxMango DepressedxMango Jun 29, 2017
Or as Cristine would say, our holo-sexual mom, "What do you think?!"
lovelyAllyr lovelyAllyr Nov 07, 2016
Ok they just started the pasta, then switch to the music topic, and now dessert ?wo..w
AlannaART AlannaART Feb 06, 2015
Oh my God, I can't believe my luck!!! I have been searching for AGES for a story like this!!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Thank you for writing it!!! *Doing a happy dance all ova the place :D :D :D