The Runaway

The Runaway

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"Ryan are you really sure we should do this?" I nervously asked once more, too afraid to even look over at him. "Yes baby, I swear the pain will go away after a while" he whispered as he placed a hand on my upper thigh. My heart started to beat faster as if it were about to beat right out my chest and I bit my bottom lip. He slowly rubbed his hand up my thigh and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  

We may have been going out for the past month but I still get nervous every time he touches me. After several seconds I finally gathered up the courage to look over at him. His blue eyes lit up like glow-sticks in the dark and his black beanie covered his long blond hair. He's so gorgeous and to this day I still have no reason why the captain of the football team asked me to be his secret girlfriend. Me? The girl who everybody picks on because I have thick square glasses and frizzy untamable red hair. 

He cupped my chin and moved his face closer to where our lips were brushing against each other's. "I want you Silver" he whispered repeating the same words he said to me when he asked me to be his secret girlfriend. "Don't you want me too?" He questioned when I didn't respond. I slowly nodded my head and he smiled. 

"Good" he smiled before finally placing his lips on mine. This is one of the perks of being Ryan Hudson's girlfriend. His lips are softer than the clouds in the sky above us. His sweet tongue dove into my mouth and I couldn't help but moan and wrap an arm around his neck. 

"Let's move this party to the back" he whispered breaking our kiss after a few minutes. He then opened his car door and stepped out into the darkness of the night . . . . . . .


Silver Cunningham and Ryan Hudson are not your average teenage couple. Ryan's your everyday pretty boy while Silver's a girl you wouldn't look at twice. So what happens when Ryan asks her to become his secret girlfriend to protect his reputation? Read more to find out . . . . . .

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TheQueenSarcasm435 TheQueenSarcasm435 Jul 17, 2017
Wow if a guy says that the minute u meet he has something up his sleeve i dont trust him at all
Jugheadislife Jugheadislife Oct 15, 2017
The question i ask myself every time i look in the mirror😂😂
TheQueenSarcasm435 TheQueenSarcasm435 Jul 17, 2017
Not even a smart or generous or kind or anything like that? Just pretty and good kisser? Thats all u need in a girl? Idk that sounds more like a trophy girlfriend to me
TheQueenSarcasm435 TheQueenSarcasm435 Jul 17, 2017
Like thats a good comeback at least a third or something like that the high schoolers in that school where glasses
oreocupcake12345 oreocupcake12345 Sep 16, 2016
Really dude like if u really like her and you her to be your girlfriend you should stand up for her you idiot
Bubblegums1 Bubblegums1 Jun 22, 2016
I really like the start of the story. But the way they got into a relationship didnt feel real to me, it happened too fast. You jumped into it too quickly.