My Brother Is Exo Kyungsoo

My Brother Is Exo Kyungsoo

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Do Kyungmin is Do Kyungsoo younger sister. Since D.O debuted with Exo, he asked Kyungmin to live with them because he knows that she will be lonely at home.

She accepted it and now has been living with them for 3 years. She is one lucky girl that get to meet a lot of famous people. The media doesn't know that she is living with Exo.

But what happen if one of them confessed his love to Kyungsmin? What to find out more? Then check this book out!

-german-girl- -german-girl- Feb 18, 2016
The drama teacher at my school just said that Kpop was good. He couldn't hear what I was listening to. It was EXO. I'm just thinking what jus happened
NightingaleInfired NightingaleInfired Aug 16, 2016
Hold up. Chensing wants to put a camera in kyungmins room?! Um.........(*´>д<)😏
solarJumin solarJumin Mar 19, 2016
This is why I love Luhan 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻
Nobody053 Nobody053 Apr 13, 2016
@KpoperSince2013 ikr I was just about to tell them about that
tealoverfangirl32 tealoverfangirl32 Dec 02, 2016
Its funnt how they have to warn each other about fans as if we're the boogie man or somethinf