Kingdom's Fall

Kingdom's Fall

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Andrew Reid By mygoditsraining Completed

Updating Fridays and Sundays, Kingdom's Fall is a fantasy adventure set in a world where heroes find themselves pitted against an ancient and powerful magic.

Kara has lived her whole life trapped under the roof of her father’s inn. She longs for adventure, but there is little to be found in a backwater village: at least until Aiden Baird arrives. Noble, rogue, and spy - Aiden Baird is the most notorious man in the Kingdom. Or he would be, if he could remember who he is…

Cuan has lived his entire life as the garrison brat, surrounded by soldiers. Unwanted and ignored, he travels north in the service of the one man he looks up to: Gray, the garrison captain. But Captain Gray has concerns of his own. It has been fifteen years since he last saw the King, and they did not part on good terms.

Something dark is growing in the Kingdom. Trade from the south has choked to a standstill, and the air over the marshes hangs heavy with the threat of war. In the north the sea-wall, the ancient defence that protects the coastline, is crumbling. The people look to their lords for guidance, and the lords look to their King.

King Varion has little time for their concerns. His daughter has been kidnapped by a priest-cult who intend to sacrifice her and summon an ancient power into the world.

Faced with an enemy beyond human understanding, there is only one conclusion. In order to save their people, the Kingdom must fall.

  • adventure
  • battles
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • demons
  • duty
  • fantasy
  • flintlock
  • loyalty
  • magic
  • monsters
  • mythology
  • possession
  • power
  • rebellion
  • sacrifice
  • secrets
  • spirits
  • swords
  • war
Ekhaya Ekhaya Jul 01, 2016
Great imagery used. I enjoyed your description of the seas which set the location in the reader's mind very well.
Montel_Ferguson Montel_Ferguson Jun 01, 2016
Great job . Check out the beginning of my story? Tell me what you think
RivalDagger RivalDagger Feb 14, 2016
Great use of repetition, really enticing! Can't wait to read the rest
mika-kun-1 mika-kun-1 May 15, 2016
I like that you use so many details, it was easy to imagine how it all looked like.
Pig-Man Pig-Man Aug 30, 2016
I have seen 2 stories that have come one letter off of my name... My names Kaiden
peguinlover73023 peguinlover73023 Jan 12, 2016
Wow beautiful. The suspense was so awesome. The way you used your words made me keep reading even if I didn't understand anything at first but a second read was all it took for me.