The Elementals

The Elementals

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Ra_ch_3lla By Ra_ch_3lla Updated Dec 02, 2016

" way...that's just...impossible!" I gestured wildly to Principal Nicholson's outstretched palm.

"Allison, when you're an Elemental, nothing is impossible. And you, my dear, are one of them. One of us."

"I'm...I'm an Elemental?" Looking down at my hand, everything just fell into place. The pale blue snowflake gleamed slightly, branding me to the Mystique realm.

In Principal Nicholson's hand was a tiny lightning bolt, floating just above her palm. 

"Yes, yes you are."

OMG, somebody better give her an ice pack. That burn's gonna leave a scar.
Beauty_Soul Beauty_Soul May 18
Just this sentence makes me wanna read this story.One vote for me author good job😉
ItzAbby01 ItzAbby01 Apr 07
I thought my school was pricy... I'd be having packed lunch if it was this much
MiaWin9 MiaWin9 Jun 16
Please refrain from the cursing, especially for the younger readers!
CollinGM11 CollinGM11 Jul 31
lol, i can get 2 waters, a small meal, and 2 snacks for 2.96$
TheGayHyena TheGayHyena May 31
This goes against every principle. Girls bully girls as far as I know other then verbal abuse from guys, guys and girls bully guys