The Elementals

The Elementals

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Ra_ch_3lla By Ra_ch_3lla Updated Dec 02, 2016

" way...that's just...impossible!" I gestured wildly to Principal Nicholson's outstretched palm.

"Allison, when you're an Elemental, nothing is impossible. And you, my dear, are one of them. One of us."

"I'm...I'm an Elemental?" Looking down at my hand, everything just fell into place. The pale blue snowflake gleamed slightly, branding me to the Mystique realm.

In Principal Nicholson's hand was a tiny lightning bolt, floating just above her palm. 

"Yes, yes you are."

kita_mama kita_mama Dec 04, 2016
When I was in high school the boys use to be scared of me. I actually knocked one out by accident😕
yourlandlord yourlandlord Mar 15, 2016
I think I read this book already, cause votes r on the chapters
I'm sure this is a nice plot but slut shaming is something no one should condone soooo
Akane_Shiru Akane_Shiru Jun 11, 2016
Mom does know best, she forves veggies on mah plate and I just glare at those EVEIL GREEN TROLLS
yourlandlord yourlandlord Feb 20, 2016
Sometimes I think I can control the outcome of things with my mind, and sometimes it seems as if the claim is real, but then reality strikes and i'm just some random  person that might end up being the serial killer in the next 30 people you meet.