Rude Boy | calum hood

Rude Boy | calum hood

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ghostface By gibbonsofsummer Completed

❝fuck you hood.❞

❝isn't that the goal here babe?❞

〔 cc: me 〕

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rockyscactus rockyscactus May 18, 2017
OMG there are two girls in my class who are "bffs" with those names, except they're bitches
kinkcth kinkcth Oct 05, 2017
so excited to start reading this omg! I've had it in my library for a while and haven't got around to reading but now I have!!!
bizzleslayswag bizzleslayswag Dec 13, 2017
Would u look at that Mikey gave crystal to Lucas 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
Karisa_Allen Karisa_Allen Aug 16, 2016
Can anyone guess who she's gonna be next to? 👌🏻👌🏻😏😏
Lianne_H Lianne_H Jun 30, 2016
*turns around tha sassy way* "That supposed to be an insult slut?"
TessyWiktil TessyWiktil Jul 11, 2016
I bet 362818173536289173 $ that she'll be partnered with Cal