The Monroe Brothers {GETTING PUBLISHED}

The Monroe Brothers {GETTING PUBLISHED}

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Queen & Daddy By smilelikeafool Completed

Carter, Braydon, Jayden, and Tyler Monroe. The Monroe brothers are four boys that have more power than anyone in Justice Hill high school. 

Braylon Hart is nothing more than just another girl in school. Just like any other girl, she never thought she'd get the chance with these guys. 

Everyone has secrets. Even the popular ones.


July 7th, 2016- I was offered to have this thing published...YAY!

purplenator54 purplenator54 Oct 22, 2016
I'm in 7th grade we didn't learn this yet and I play football and when u get a touchdown equals 7 
                              PS I'm a girl
micaliau micaliau Oct 15, 2016
Hahaha that would be so me plus the tomato blush in full swing
RoyalAbomanation RoyalAbomanation Nov 03, 2016
I Like that we all think that he likes her just from one text 😂
Lillianb54 Lillianb54 Dec 26, 2016
Math is Satans excuse to ruin my life and dreams 😭😭😭
GreshaPawar GreshaPawar Oct 15, 2016
My contact list is quite interesting with the like of Satan's spawn(lil brother),little bitch(my best friend) etc etc
heyitzsteph24 heyitzsteph24 Oct 22, 2016
why does she give her phone to anybody i won't give you my phone unless you're shawn mendes and you put ur number in there