Learning to trust... {boyxboy}

Learning to trust... {boyxboy}

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3rd persons POV

7 year old Jamie didnt understand why the pack hated him so much. Was he bad? 

"Ow!" He yelped as Kory, the beta's son, twisted his ear roughly. 

"Shut up, runt!" Kory said rudely.

Jamie whimpered as the alpha walked in. At first Jamie was grateful for he thought the alpha was going to help him. But boy was he wrong...

"Kory. Why are you wasting your time with this useless peice of trash! He's the reason his parents died!" The alpha said as he slapped Jamie across his face.


3 year old Jamie was giggling as the candle in front of him burnt. His dad chuckled and sat down by him.

"How candles intrest you will never be known." His mother laughed.  "Hugh come help me in the kitchen." 

His father got up. "Dont play with the candel." He said before heading into the kitchen. 

Jamie, being the curious 3 year old he was, couldn't help but reach across the wooden table to reach the matches and lighter. He managed to get a match out and he saw his dad do...

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Alexia-8 Alexia-8 Nov 09
I have no clue why but I read vagina 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
It was their fault for leaving matchsticks and a lighter around a three year old!!!
No wonder Jamie stuttered when he introduced himself to Kai.. He's hella hot😂
jennay980 jennay980 Apr 22
How is that his fault  what smart parent Leaves there 3 Year-old child alone with matches and a lighter
ZenCore ZenCore Feb 21, 2016
She then smiled her vangs showing- Mispell -Fangs
                              Jaime could feel her vangs on his neck- Mispell- Fangs
                              Kai had Faiths hed seperated from her body.- Mispells- Head & Separated
ZenCore ZenCore Feb 21, 2016
How candles intrest you I will never understand.-Mispell-Interest
                              A fire started up suddenly his parents relized it.-Mispell- Realized