The Head Cheerleader and The Cute Nerd

The Head Cheerleader and The Cute Nerd

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Carol Tan By crorangelover Completed

Elizabeth Marin has the looks but not the brain.

Drake Jacobson has the brain and maybe, just maybe the looks??

When these two are stuck together as lab partners, would they mix well?

Or... would they produce a sizzling and explosive chemical reaction?

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M1903A4 M1903A4 Mar 22, 2017
Uh, what is up with your spacing? You padding it or something?
M1903A4 M1903A4 Mar 22, 2017
Again, can this really happen? I am not a Chemist, but I am pretty sure adding acids and bases wont cause some sort of explosion.
TheQueenSarcasm727 TheQueenSarcasm727 Apr 25, 2017
THATS AWESOME!!!! I would totally cause the explosion on purpose or do it on purpose on someone else's experiment
M1903A4 M1903A4 Mar 22, 2017
Maybe a change of color, some fizzling, or maybe gas, but not an explosion. But how should I know, I aint an expert on chemistry.
Kwikduck Kwikduck Feb 12, 2017
Okay I used to have this at my old school and it was always horrible.  ended up doing all the work while she asked me if she spelled "peanut butter" correctly.
crorangelover crorangelover Mar 22, 2015
Oops. Didn't think of that. I wrote this a long time ago and just started to post it =p