Embarrassing Moments [Hiro Hamada x Reader]

Embarrassing Moments [Hiro Hamada x Reader]

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Aaliplier By ChinitaPlease Updated May 08

I decide to make a collection of one shots about yours and Hiro's embarrassing moments with each other! :) This is my first story so please bear with me haha ^.^ If I make any mistakes please tell me because I type really fast and I don't check my spelling at all. By the way... I suck at making story covers haha just saying! 

P.S. This one shot is PG-13 for a few reasons just to let you know

Enjoy this one shot!
— ChinitaPlease

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GameSlayyer GameSlayyer Sep 08
                              Tadashi:is Elise ok 
                              Hiro: no of course not, you said that word
April42704 April42704 Oct 28
If you left for longer,  something else would've happened.  *Wink* *Wink*
IM LAUGHING SOOOOOOO HARD ROGHT NOW!!!!!!!😭😭😭 plus, Imma virgin. Lol
I would just scream I am satisfied with my care and run home. Sorry Hiro, your brother is insane.
Jenny14488 Jenny14488 Nov 24
I already knew that ever aince i was like 8. My childhood was a weird one