The Suicide Club

The Suicide Club

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We're All Mad Here By MyMadWorld Completed

The Silent Girl: quiet, abused, and suicidal

The Boy Who Hears Things That Aren't There: lovesick, schizophrenic, and suicidal

The Girl With the Weird Paintings: artist, anorexic, and suicidal

The Last Person You'd Ever Expect: Footballer, gay, and suicidal


"We were essentially the breakfast club only we all wanted to kill ourselves at the same period of time."

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Here's my family. The people who will understand my emotion, and can relate to me. The people I can talk to without getting shamed or laughed at. Hello everyone.
I know you are trying to be nice but
                              I don't think there is any good in me
                              And no one can convince me otherwise
I know you're just trying to be nice and that's good of you but really I don't think you can say that if you don't even know me
heytriskA heytriskA May 31
it really seems like everyone is "depressed" nowadays and it really sucks when you're actually bipolar and everyone else complains about having "depression"
It isn't easy to get over depression or suicidal thoughts. I still have trouble with my mind even now. I'm glad you don't promote it though.
ispi19 ispi19 Apr 16
I'm not that good with words so here's a *big warm hug* for everyone