Her Time (Sequel to 'The Rogue And Her Alpha')

Her Time (Sequel to 'The Rogue And Her Alpha')

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•Maria• By xCoffeexLoverx Updated Sep 05

"He will find me.. I know he will,"Valentina whispered reassuringly into the darkness of the dungeon Xavier had locked her in.

She had begun to go crazy, the loneliness of the dark was unbearable. She had no clue as to what time or day it was. All she knew was that Xavier was going to come back at any moment. She felt fear, for the first time since becoming a rogue she felt true fear.

Not only for herself, but for the baby within her womb.


Valentina was taken by Xavier, an old friend who had become obsessed with her. After realizing she was pregnant she stopped fighting Xavier, she couldn't risk him hurting her baby. It was all she had left of Jace. She has lost count of how many days it has been, of how many lonely nights of darkness have passed. But her strong will and her hope to live and be free are all that has kept her alive.
Time is ticking, and she just hopes Jace will find her.. Before her time runs out.

regabear regabear Jun 11, 2015
She should pretend to like him and be a little nicer to him so he doesn't hurt her