Her Time (Sequel to 'The Rogue And Her Alpha')

Her Time (Sequel to 'The Rogue And Her Alpha')

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"If love solved everything, everyone would want it. Everyone would chase after love," I whispered to him as he stayed a good ten feet away from me, "but love doesn't solve everything. Love is an illusion, an illusion that is so pretty and blinding while it lasts. If love lasted forever it would solve everything. But it ends and once the illusion is broken all were left with is pain. This is why Jace, this is why no intelligent person would purposely chase after love."

The look of shocked anger on his face turned wicked, making me tilt my head slightly in confusion. I held my place as he approached. I'm slightly surprised by the fact that he isn't afraid of me. Does he not realize that I could kill him?

"You're wrong Valentina. Your problem is that you have been dealt such a horrible life, you assume everything is horrible. You think you're undeserving of love. But people like you are the ones who deserve it the most. I won't let you run away this time. I don't care if you're evil or good, you belong to me either way," I held the knife in my hand tightly as he approached, "You're mine, even after we both die our souls will forever be together, to heaven or hell I will follow you."


Valentina has lived through tragedy after tragedy. When she met her mate she didn't want him. When she began to love him she was taken. He swears to find her and bring her home. Willing or not, she would be his again. But what if by the time he finds her, it's too late? 

What if In the end love does not conquer all?

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She should pretend to like him and be a little nicer to him so he doesn't hurt her