Her Time (Sequel to 'The Rogue And Her Alpha')

Her Time (Sequel to 'The Rogue And Her Alpha')

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How could I have let this happen? 

'It wasn't your fault. You need to be strong Valentina! For you and your baby.'

I froze, ceasing my struggling against the chains. My baby? I was.. with child? 

'You are. I can sense it, don't let Xavier win Valentina, when he gets back be submissive be obedient, it is the only way to gain his trust. Make him believe he has broken your will, if he hurts you he could hurt the baby.'

Jace. It was his child, I couldn't let Xavier find out about this! If he did, he would kill me or my child. For the first time in years I would submit, I would obey his every command until I get a chance to escape. Until Jace finds me.



"Who is Xavier?" I asked Mason.

I had brought him down into the dungeon, and he was currently tied up while I interrogated him. He was a bit reluctant at first but as soon as I brought the pocket knife near his manhood he panicked and agreed to tell me everything.

"Xavier ...

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She should pretend to like him and be a little nicer to him so he doesn't hurt her