Heels of Steel [1]

Heels of Steel [1]

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K.R.W Malete By Kutlie Completed

Mckenzie Logan, fresh out of college and hungry for the work force.
Connor Pearson, established CEO and totally one of the big dogs in the business.

Mckenzie finds herself at the bottom of the food chain, working for Connor but eventually she leaps to the top becoming one of the big players herself but not before coming across some complications on the way up.
You have two people so similar but yet you still find that certain things get lost in translation.

You've got a man willing to give her the world but she's more focused on conquering the universe on her own...

[1st installment of the #WhenAWomanWalksSeries]

©2015, K.R.W. Malete, All Rights Reserved.

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Charwriter Charwriter Jan 28
That was so sweet, and also may I just say FINALLY A SMART GIRL WHO DOESN'T KISS BUTT WITH HER PROFS? THANK YOU.
Omah Lord, triple majoring. Girl with some serious brainz. I dig it
Don't we all wish we could go to Yale, be the valedictorian, AND triple major. *sigh* Real life goals but wattpad standards
Bruh. My first and last name are in this book.
                              This book has been blessed for success
Triple majoring can literally not be completed within just 4 years btw
JeffKamara JeffKamara Aug 14
Z 0,0, 0 :.   
                              I ,     CX,. Than the xx x00007. ,,z xz.  ,.  vks