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Going to Monster High (Percy Jackson Fanfiction )

Going to Monster High (Percy Jackson Fanfiction )

16.1K Reads 694 Votes 9 Part Story
Ahmad By SeismicGrey Updated 3 days ago

What if Sally Jackson wasn't just some clear sighted mortal. What if she had something running through her blood that even Poseidon hadn't known about, and what If that something passed to Percy. Now he has to go to a school for people just like him and try not to kill anybody.

thefangirllyfe thefangirllyfe Sep 26, 2016
Aaaand... three... Two... One! *Blasts off into Death's icy hands*
Abie101uknow Abie101uknow Dec 29, 2016
Love it. Now I have a wierd urge to watch my sisters old monster high movies. Wierd.
TheConsultingDemigod TheConsultingDemigod Dec 09, 2016
I've always liked Chimeras...They are my second favourite to Griffins
rainbowsandmurder rainbowsandmurder Apr 05, 2015
i love it. this is so precious. please update. thank you.