Dragon Season

Dragon Season

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Bee By LoveBook2502 Updated Dec 09, 2015

Every 10 year's everyone in earthland celebrates as every 10 year's it's dragon mating season. Fairy tail is no different 5 years after Tenro Island dragon season rolls around. Fairy tail is getting ready to celebrate but will they have time to when there busy protecting there guild mates from other guild mates! 

I suck at intros so just bear with it will get better! 

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AdriLAAxo AdriLAAxo Jul 02
Ya don't have to say " ~~Time skip cause I'm lazy|~" it's alright.
I love how all of these kind of stories start off with "It was just another normal day at the Fairy Tail guild" or something like that.
Wendy and Romeo grew up... wait how old does that make the others or are they just the same age and you only changed there age?
"To the library"lol  idk why i think that is funny but i do!
For some strange reason, I thought levy said "let's get married." I don't even know where the hell that came from, it sounds nothing like the sentence.
YourMonster_MyFriend YourMonster_MyFriend Nov 26, 2016
I just imagine Laxus sitting on the top floor of the old guild hall banging his head against his nest