Top Ten Worst Titles on Wattpad.

Top Ten Worst Titles on Wattpad.

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jennirox By jennirox Updated Nov 29, 2010


- Two twin boys living next door, and they BOTH want in my pants?! FML! by VampireLover269

... the storyline didn't have any thing about them wanting in her pants.

- I'm a vampire and my twin who i never knew has loyalties with humans? WTF XDIDX by XDVampireLuvXD

um. *whistles* aaawkward.

- I think i'm ugly, he thinks i'm beautiful, i'm an outcast, he's popular, i hate him, he love me? by nightgirl347

classic cliche. not-at-all popular girl meets popular boy. popular boy falls in love with not-at-all popular girl. not-at-all popular girl hates popular boy. yaddayaddayadda.

- My Brother's Worst Enemy is a Werewolf and I'm his Mate!!! WTF by kmarias

the third story I'm putting in this list with one of those abbreviation things that includes the word.. you know what word.

- I'm the Supermodel in a Boy's Boarding School...Fun? Hell no. by racingheart.

first off, a girl wouldn't go to a boy's boarding school, not to mention a girl who was a supermodel.

- I'm Th...

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SamCaelius SamCaelius Jan 16, 2016
I looked up all these stories because I thought you were making them up.  You weren't...
Icemouse Icemouse Dec 02, 2015
Man.... If you are a writer, you need to have a time for everything, even for a small detail like title. Actually, title is necessary as well. 
                              Idk what people thought when they made those titles. 
                              I enjoyed this writing, though.
velvet-red velvet-red Sep 07, 2015
What is it with having long titles? IM SORRY BUT IN NO WAY DOES IT MAKE YOUR CRAP STORIES SOUND ANY MORE APPEALING.  @jennirox lol and thanks for writing this  xD
mandarinejam mandarinejam Jul 15, 2015
I love you! Hahaahha!! Also all those titles were really what even!
allein- allein- Jan 21, 2015
HahahahahahahaxD What the hell are those summaries or titles?? *Applause* I'm clapping like a walruses xD Hahaha :') I'm literally crying!
roomys roomys Jun 19, 2013
R O T F L totally true, but you might want to take out the authors' names. they might get offended|: