Sex Education || Ashton Irwin

Sex Education || Ashton Irwin

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C By its_courts_ Updated Nov 12, 2015

Courtney was just the average teenage girl that found sex awkward and uncomfortable to talk about. 

That was until Ashton Irwin moved in next door making Courtney realise that there is more to life then getting good grades. 

As Courtney is offered the chance of a life time she is more than reluctant to take it. But as Ashton persuades her to become his student, Courtney falls hard for Ashton during sex education.
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21harris5sos 21harris5sos Aug 01, 2016
Um, well I can't even say the word without cringing, but I think I'm kinda normal?
omgitsjociee omgitsjociee 2 days ago
Damn i wouldn't mind a window across from a daddy lookin sex god
HazelEyedDemon HazelEyedDemon Aug 10, 2016
I have a window facing another window, but the house next door is full of kids and has two parents constantly having sex with the curtains open.
aesthetic_lashton aesthetic_lashton Jan 09, 2016
I have a window facing someone else's window, BUT the house is vacant and looks like it's haunted so I never look out of that window
SmutBWS SmutBWS Jun 14, 2015
I'm deffinatly not ready for this story I think I might die leggooo
- - May 22, 2015
Always the convenient windows facing the bedroom of the hot guy next door. In my neighborhood literally there is a set amount of windows you can have and facing certain ways, specifically away from other houses.