Author Games: Where Champions Rise

Author Games: Where Champions Rise

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For years now, magical schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry have been functioning under the oblivious and simple lives of the muggles. Students from these schools become great additions to the wizarding world. The ministry of magic places laws and provides protection and the schools encourage the use of controlled and safe magic. Peace is created.

And then, from the blissful harmony arises the competitive, stylish and dangerous TriWizard tournament.

A competition forged from the flames of sportsmanship and desire for glory. Three schools participate, five champions from each school are chosen and they face three deadly tasks. Tasks that are designed to test magical ability, intelligence and courage. These champions compete for the honour and glory of winning the Tournament, for the TriWizard Cup, and a monetary prize.


The tasks shall be a little different this time around. For Author Games: WCR, I want you to forget everythin...