Out Of Reach [ Phanfiction ]

Out Of Reach [ Phanfiction ]

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AsToldByLoki By AsToldByLoki Completed

Dan is an ordinary student. He definitely is straight, at least, that was what he thought before a new student joined his school: Philip Lester. What he did not realize, was that good things always come at a cost.

A Phanfiction (contains some smut)

Word count: roughly 700 to 1100 words per chapter.

_mattie_03_ _mattie_03_ 3 days ago
If u want to get all existential about it you can pull the whole what actually is reality and fiction how do we truely know what is real and what is not.
CharlotteYuriPhan CharlotteYuriPhan Dec 28, 2016
I was lazy and  I was 8.. I also started reading Phanfics when I was 9.. huh
AJamlessMalfoy AJamlessMalfoy Jun 24, 2016
At first i thought it said: "i do not know dan and phil"  XD
XxWitchHunterxX XxWitchHunterxX 4 days ago
I guess I do, but I'm really too awkward to do anything •-•
saltysdmn saltysdmn Jun 04, 2016
For a minute I read the title as 'Out of Bleach' and I was like: When you've seen Rolf too many times.
Phil: I'm your friend Dan
                              Dan: you don't count
                              Someone get the reference