My Life is Not A Fairytale

My Life is Not A Fairytale

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Bec:) By Rebecca07 Updated Jun 21, 2011

Part One:

All stories have the same beginning; "my name is...", "There I was, running...", "he stood there, and I admired from afar." or grumblings from the character- needless to say, all stories have to start out with something that grabs your attention. All stories have the same lines, just worded differently; same plot, different names of characters. Truthfully, every story has the same characters:

.main character- has to have some emotion that the reader can attach itself to, it can't just be a regular person either; due to new 21st century (mostly due to friggin' twilight maaann *one eye roll.*) the main character must be abnormal but not know it, has to be moved from their home town and when moved to a new town they must capture everyone's eye and suddenly be placed in mortal danger. (whooo-hoo. I totally see that everyday-not)

.the enemy of main character- is jealous.

.sidekicks for each

.Extra people who add on to the plot.

Now the Twilight set up is really boring. I mea...

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EllaBaillie12 EllaBaillie12 Nov 19, 2012
I dont really understand it and i only read the 1st paragraph!
ThisKittyHasClawz ThisKittyHasClawz Jun 22, 2011
@Rebecca07 - luckii!
                              do u have a uniform in the USA?
                              we do in the UK.
                              it suxx
me2you804 me2you804 Jun 18, 2011
@Rebecca07 no problem, sorry it took me so long to get around to it, with work and trying to finish of some of my stories, I have been a little preoccupied. 
Rebecca07 Rebecca07 Jun 18, 2011
@me2you804 thanks! i like that about this story, its surprising! thanks for reading and commenting =D
me2you804 me2you804 Jun 18, 2011
I started reading and wasn't quite sure what to expect, you totally surprised me. Wish I had me a robo mum lol There are a few spelling errors and places where there should be capital letters and you haven't put them in there but apart from that, you have made a good start. :D
Rebecca07 Rebecca07 Jun 18, 2011
@ThisKittyHasClawz i hate when teachers do that kind of stuff! and no we cant choose our seats either but we know how to hide our ipods:)
                               GUESS WHAT! IM WRITING PART TWO OF THIS STORY BUT ITS SHORT... i think i like it that way... i think it goes with the story