Behind the nerd

Behind the nerd

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Between 8:00am to 4:00pm I'm the girl no one talks to, the girl who gets pushed and shoved in the hallways, the girl who always has her head down and the girl who has no friends. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am Georgia Smith, the lord (Loner and Nerd) of Ashton Ville Secondary. 
However, from 4:00pm onwards I'm the girl people look up to, I'm the girl people fear, I'm the girl who has friends, I'm the well-known girl on the street. Yes, bang on, I'm the girl known as Ash. 
But hey, let's just keep that a secret between me and you.
This is my story, of what happened when my lovely Maths teacher assigned me and the new boy a project, that opened doors to hidden secrets and faded memories.

I am completely rubbish at introducing stories so just read. But before you read just to let you know my work hasn't been edited so there's a lot of typos and some really stupid chapters (that made me cringe) and I am trying to edit it so bare with me. Not as cliché as you think.

Highest rank #70 in Teen Fiction (19\11\16) OMG IM SO HAPPY TYSM I LOVE YOU GUYS XO

@Missbellaqueens copied your book.I don't know if she still has her account
Mya-692 Mya-692 Jul 26
Like the book already but beware sometimes my comments may be hurtful but I don't mean it that way or mean for it to be rude
Hey! You didn't say it in a nice way! But only by reading what you just said I think that probably this book is gonna be amazing!!!
*awkwardly pats back and pulls away* I'm not much of a hugger.....
I like your style. person who wrote this book who I forgot the name of. I can be stupid sometimes. 😀
Simply_Just_M3 Simply_Just_M3 Apr 08, 2015
                              I thought I was reading your bio but I was actually reading the books description.....hah..imagine the shock I had....dead