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Mikasa's Reaction to Ships

Mikasa's Reaction to Ships

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✓ ミカサ・アッカーマン  ✓ By -Mikasa-Ackerman- Updated May 09, 2015

Hello and welcome. It is I, Mikasa.

In this book (As the title says), you'll see my reactions about the ships and I'll say my thoughts about it..(mostly SnK)...

Note: Might offend your ships. If you don't want to be offended, I would like you to leave now and read some other books. Please, it is alright to have your own opinion but don't bash my ships. Jeez.

Well, enjoy. You have been warned

《 I suck at making descriptions... 》

Incest can be good sometimes. But I like Mikasa and Eren's brother/sister bond. I don't mind the ship, but i don't exactly enjoy it either
HeartBreaker_Life HeartBreaker_Life Nov 28, 2016
Ppl who have read the manga all know what happened in chapter 50
I don't mind incest anyway
                              *slowly backs away into the dark 'Osomatsu-San' corner and cries over how cute IchiJyushi is*
Also smh I hate almost everybody in the comment section at the moment
sashathepotatochick sashathepotatochick Nov 21, 2016
And 3. Mikasa doesn't have sexual feelings towards Eren, she sees him as a younger brother; someone she needs to protect. Depends on the way you see it though, if you ship it, I don't really care, if you don't, you are my family, the family of crack shippers.
Blair1006506 Blair1006506 Nov 20, 2016
Umm people can you just wait until it comes to ereri so you all can say good things about ship ha.