Mikasa's Reaction to Ships

Mikasa's Reaction to Ships

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✓ ミカサ・アッカーマン  ✓ By -Mikasa-Ackerman- Updated May 09, 2015

Hello and welcome. It is I, Mikasa.

In this book (As the title says), you'll see my reactions about the ships and I'll say my thoughts about it..(mostly SnK)...

Note: Might offend your ships. If you don't want to be offended, I would like you to leave now and read some other books. Please, it is alright to have your own opinion but don't bash my ships. Jeez.

Well, enjoy. You have been warned

《 I suck at making descriptions... 》

The ship already sailed and fired its canons at ereri. Guess what. Ereri sunk. ^-^
- - Jul 08
Eren thinks of Mikasa as a mother, because she acts as one. Mikasa may have feelings for Eren, but meanwhile, Eren is hungry for his revenge against titans, so it wouldn't make sense or be fair to Mikasa, if he gets into a relationship with her, to date him.
GIRL!F*** YES TO THIS SHIP!AND F*** YOU FOR THE PEOPLE THAT SHIP EREVI 4 LIFU INSTEAD OF EREMIKA 4 LIFU!*flips hair and walks away and puts up middle finger*THIS IS HOW YOU DO B***H!
I agree.. Its not incest. And technically she was never officially adopted well said. Otp. But of course people have their options and I respect that.
JuviaSTAR JuviaSTAR Dec 18, 2015
Did you know The creator of attack on Titan named Mikasa after a famous Battle SHIP?
Hetalia_Is_Laifu_ Hetalia_Is_Laifu_ Oct 27, 2015
heheh i mean... fighting the titans is already world war 3 tbh... dem titans all over da placeee