Me and My Lion (Phil Lester x Reader)

Me and My Lion (Phil Lester x Reader)

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Aix Map-Rod By WildCurse28 Updated Jun 24, 2016

I saw that only a few people like Phil and there are only like 2 or 3 Phil x Readers...(shout out to @Phil~Lester~Girl )

So I decided to make my own Phil x Reader

I hope you enjoy this! Philovers!

Tasha_Writes_Fanfics Tasha_Writes_Fanfics Nov 05, 2016
I live in FL :D but it never snows...but the weather is getting cold so yay! I love the cold 💜
LoveFromHowellLester LoveFromHowellLester Aug 23, 2016
I'm saving up for VidCon so oNE DAY MY BEANS I WILL MEET YOU
TwentyOneLolzors TwentyOneLolzors Sep 06, 2016
I pack either when I wake up or at three am the night before...I've done both of those things multiple times
MJLovesManyFandoms MJLovesManyFandoms Sep 05, 2016
I live in Southern California, where it generally stays above 70 degrees...I can't  survive cold weather 😂
Jenny_Is_Trash_Queen Jenny_Is_Trash_Queen Oct 16, 2016
This is my 10029388382929394957720100103938 tu 6q2939382828 time on a plane
wierd_motherfucker wierd_motherfucker Nov 23, 2016
Two socially awkward girls is the one I share with my bestie