My Richest Secret | Kim Seokjin

My Richest Secret | Kim Seokjin

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시웃 By dominants Completed

Kwon Han Bi had nothing to do with Kim Seokjin, the school's arrogant and conceited 'prince'. 

But they had something peculiar in common, they both keep their true identities as a secret for their own personal reasons.

What will events turn out to be when they enter a school where reputation and dignity matter the most?

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But everything he does is the cutest thing, I JUST CANT IMAGINE HIM LIKE THAT! although... He'd be a hella cute bad boy, I mean he's got such a loveable face, NOT TO MENTION HIS LAUGH! OH MAH GAWD
ArmyPanda17 ArmyPanda17 Nov 27
LMAO!!! When your multi-fandoms!!! iKONICS WHERE YA AT?!!?^^
I can't imagine him as a table-turning bay boy right now 😂 Gonna get slipped in this right away
When your so deep in the ikon trash zone that everything automatically corrects itself
ah, i remember this story - my first story i ever read on wattpad
When you don't know what IU means and you just look like an idiot...