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World Of Invisible Color ((Destiel/Sabriel))

World Of Invisible Color ((Destiel/Sabriel))

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wHOA ✨✨ By ComeAlongHolmes_ Updated Aug 12, 2016

They see grey. They live in a dull grey world. 
The only way they can see color is when they first touch their soulmate. 
That is, until they realize they love them of course. 

Destiel AU

sarahmillley sarahmillley Dec 28, 2016
Honey,  that's called dean Winchester. That is what just happened
For those wandering what Jensen looks like with glasses, let's just say he needs to wear them more often
50shadesofeyefucking 50shadesofeyefucking Dec 17, 2016
You opened the Chamber of Secrets what do you think happened?
xXNewtmasXx123 xXNewtmasXx123 Sep 01, 2016
It bothers me when people say that. Like seriously bitch. No. I don't want someone sticking their body parts up my vagina. Don't care who it is. It's just disgusting. And to be honest it sounds terribly unsanitary.
Loki-Fan-Girl Loki-Fan-Girl Aug 12, 2016
Same like I love color but I would be to lazy to go look for my soulmate like ain't no body got time for dat
FairyDweeb FairyDweeb Dec 13, 2016
Little do you know I'm trying to pick myself up piece by piece