You're Really A Girl?~OHSHC FanFic~

You're Really A Girl?~OHSHC FanFic~

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(Ouran High School Host Club FanFic :3)


Yuu Aki is friends with Haurhi. Somehow, she ends up helping Haruhi repay the vase. Yet everyone, except Haruhi, thinks she's an actual guy and takes them a tad bit longer to find out she's really a girl.

 How will they react once they find out she's really a girl? And How will Yuu Aki feel?

((My summaries are always weird ._. ))

Bluetear134 Bluetear134 Nov 23
People always say that the things that I think are cute are creepy and or weird
This is actually really accurate to what people say to me except they say my hair is straighter than I am... MY HAIR IS CURLY AF😂😂😂
Neaam3 Neaam3 Mar 05
Ouran high school host club 
                              So cool watching it is so much better
Does she wear shoes or does she prefers not wearing any footwear?
Always617 Always617 Mar 11
( ^ω^ ) this shath be said in mine Gay/Straight Alliance Club!!!
grtstlkr grtstlkr Apr 01
I think I've found my long lost twins....Because i also dislike this.