Found - Naruto FanFic

Found - Naruto FanFic

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Diana By SympathyToVillains Updated Nov 13, 2015

(Sequel to Lost - Naruto FanFic)

My name is Kaji Tora.

I still enjoy blood, killing, and training. I still hate a lot of people. My hobbies, well, they are still none of your business. My dreams for the future? More like nightmares. 

I am a rogue ninja of the Leaf. Have been for 3 years. Used to be friends with the Akatsuki. But my life changed. I have been made into a mostly emotionless, sadistic, bloodthirsty person. Not to mention the fact that to everyone else, I'm dead. 

Why? I was forced to make an impossible choice, and so instead of picking one of the options, I made a whole new option. 

What was that option?

To protect my friends, no matter how many times I'd get screwed over in the process.

  • hidan
  • hokage
  • ino
  • itachi
  • jiraiya
  • kaji
  • kakashi
  • kiba
  • kisame
  • lee
  • naruto
  • neji
  • obito
  • occharacter
  • orochimaru
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • tobi
  • tora
  • tsunade
cheekyFINNYY cheekyFINNYY Aug 18, 2017
so i can't ever be serious so instead of being sad right now i'm laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Extinct_Noodlez Extinct_Noodlez Dec 31, 2017
cheekyFINNYY cheekyFINNYY Aug 18, 2017
i laughed when it said he wasn't throwing around glitter anymore😂👅
Niney2002-2009 Niney2002-2009 Jun 21, 2016
Sprint ing is a burst of speed for a short distance and a run is like if you run the mile it would mostly be a jog until you feel like sprinting so I guess for a ninja a four hour run child be a sprint lol☺️ to much work for me