The Bad Boy's Good Girl (On Hold)

The Bad Boy's Good Girl (On Hold)

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anonymous By vanilla_milk_shake Updated Jul 13


Oh no, oh no


I walk in the living room and stand next to everyone else.


I looked around to see if anyone was available.


But everyone was taken or already was.


Well I knew I was going to be a loner my whole life.


 what would it be like to kiss a cow?


I bet it would be slimy.


and smelly.


"There's no time", I whispered already thinking about ditching this place and finding a cow to spend my life with.


The next thing I knew there was lips pressed against mine. My eyes wouldn't close shut, I was surprised and curious, mostly curious. I continue to stare at the strangers closed eyes and then my eyelids finally budge and they closed. The stranger pulled my body closer to his. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck grinding my body against his. he licked my lip asking for entrance but I denied so reached over and squeezed my ass. I gasped and he slipped his tongue into my mouth.

The kiss started heating up while our  tongues started fighting for dominance which he clearly won . I placed my hand behind this stranger's back pulling him closer, he does the same by wrapping his arms around my waist. We moved our lips together in sync.

This lasted for another 30 seconds  until i pulled away needing to breath pulled away. I opened my eye lids looking into the stranger who kissed me . My eyes widened in surprise  as I suddenly realize who I just kissed. As I kept staring at the person he just  stood there looking really guilty.

Oh my God, I just kissed Aiden.

I just kissed Aiden.

I kissed Aiden.

Aiden!!!!! Of all people why Aiden!!!


i gulped and looked at the ground

That was also my first kiss.

jal2020 jal2020 Oct 06
^idk...when i look back at myself i come in so ugly now?😂😂😂
cristelem cristelem May 26
OMF wait she said cow so many times I thought she was a cow and wanted to kiss another cow and I was like zammm people come up with weirdass stuff these days.
zzkins zzkins Jun 26
Wow. The countdown truly captured me I was like wat is she counting for . and now I love it . great opening chapter
jal2020 jal2020 Oct 06
Aaaaaahhhhh😆😆😆😆 thats ma name😆😆😆😆😆
Its actually a nice chapter especially since spongebob is in it lol
Omg this is mean girls all over again hope did no-one see this ?