Bad Boy. Good Lips.

Bad Boy. Good Lips.

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Ariana Grande as Lori Banks

Francisco Lachowski as Trey Smith

Zac Efron as Josh Addams

Luke Pasqualino as Emilio Gomez

Scarlett Johansson as Ella Matthews

She met him.

She became friends with him.

She fell in love with him.

Lori Banks is a very beautiful girl with big dreams and hopes. Then....

She meets him. Trey Smith, a bad boy who transfered to her school, with a sensitive, sweet side as well.

He's a bad boy with good lips.

  • badboy
  • comedy
  • heartbroken
  • kindness
  • romance
MARVELGIRL1322 MARVELGIRL1322 Feb 12, 2016
My nickname is Lori. If I was her I would be like:
                              *flips hair*I KNOW MY NAME IS BEAUTIFUL BITCH YOU DONT HAVE TO REMIND ME
lily_2120 lily_2120 Dec 30, 2016
i can sleep for a whole week i've done it before it's called hibernation but i went to foods co first so i get a good hibernation
75sandwiches 75sandwiches Jun 16, 2015
Missed opportunity there! You should have named her Robin...Robin Banks :)
ApolloPrince ApolloPrince Apr 25, 2015
They're neighbors for Pete's sake?! :D x
                              (Wished that Luke is the leading man here but it's okay. :) x )
ApolloPrince ApolloPrince Apr 25, 2015
ApolloPrince ApolloPrince Apr 25, 2015
OMFGoodness! This is so interesting! :D x I searched 'Luke Pasqualino' (cause I'm a fan of him eventhough I didn't see his series 'Skins' because I'm not in Italy but I get to watch some of video clips) and I found this! It's so interesting! ^^ xx