Carl Grimes Imagines

Carl Grimes Imagines

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Nessa By chanfandomnation Updated Aug 28, 2015

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked terrible due to constant lack of sleep, food, and not to mention the continuos anxiety of the fact that I could die at any second.

What did I do to deserve this?

I watched my reflection as a tear slowly cascaded down my face. This was extreamly unusual. Normally I just pretend like nothing phases me, turn off my emotions, and just let the days go by.

People in the group don't see me slowly breaking, and most of them barely acknowledge me, except Carl. Carl and I have gone on runs together and have had some conversations. It was a mutual friendship since we were so close to the same age, but I don't get to attached him. After all, in this world anyone you hold close to you can be taken away before you know it. 

I used to feel like I needed to survive. Now, I don't even feel the determination to survive anymore. I've been being careless around walkers skipping meals, getting no sleep. I'm suprised I'm still alive. I think Carl has not...

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hidden161 hidden161 Jun 15, 2015
PLEEEEEEASE MAKE ONE FOR ME where he finds me in the woods fighting off walkers in the woods but I need help so he saves me and we meet and he brings me to the prison and kisses me XD i'll tell more if you reply :)
the_walking_kenzie the_walking_kenzie Feb 27, 2015
I'll be Alison, Ali 4 short. I am living alone in a beat up old trailer bcuz my group turned into walker food. I'm in the woods hunting when Carl finds me. At first, I don't let anyone in, but then "I fall in love like you fall asleep(which I'm about to do) slowly at first, then all at once"
chanfandomnation chanfandomnation Feb 27, 2015
@kissyluvschandler I just need to know what you want it about, if you want you name in it, and what kind of personality you want
the_walking_kenzie the_walking_kenzie Feb 27, 2015
Aww thanks um what info do you need? I will make one for you too, if you want. I like reading and writing. Just not writing, I prefer typing. Omg totally random and irrelevant. I'm weird, include that lol
the_walking_kenzie the_walking_kenzie Feb 27, 2015
PLEEEEEEZZZ MAKE A IMAGINE FOR MEEEEEEEE I WILL TELL U INFO IF U ANSWER sorry for the caps but I just love this story it's wassome
chanfandomnation chanfandomnation Jan 11, 2015
@xxGryffindorGirlxx thank you so much that means so much to me! <3