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'His lips pushed up against mine as I pulled his body closer, his masculine build protecting me from all my previous insecurities, his lips made my body rise with goosebumps, a spark that resisted to settle as his hands grabbed at my naked body...' 

Rosalyn Harper, nineteen years old survived a life inside foster care before she found her way to 'Francies'.  With a contract stating her body belongs to someone else, she learns all about the persuasion of sex. 

Yet what happens when her body is sold to a mysterious benefactor? 

Brandon Santoro, twenty-five years old and future heir to a drug trafficking business owned by his father. With dreams far exceeding those of being a drug lord Brandon is desperate to find any means possible to escape the clasps of his father.

What happens when his biggest profit begins to become his biggest love affair?

                              Your worthless 
                              And a piece of dirt
                              On the bottom of my shoe
XD if a woman bought me i be like good thing i like vagina too and hope she wasnt atleast over 38
Sad about this girls story. But hooked at the same time. I can tell this gonna be good !
I'm from Jersey and we do not have accents lol I'm js 🤣😁
i'm triggered by this one sentence.. and the book just started 😂😂😂
pena_tiffany pena_tiffany Dec 30, 2016
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