My Property

My Property

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helplessadrien By helplessadrien Updated Apr 09

{ Attack on Titan }
Levi and Eren are in a deep, loving relationship together.
But when Armin and Eren start hanging out more; because they haven't seen one another in a long period of time, Levi become jealous.
Eren only belongs to him.
And he will go to great extents to keep it that way.

Will Eren tend to go insane after being held captive for such a long time.

Will he also become, yandere?

Gladys0717 Gladys0717 6 days ago
Anyone gonna comment on how Levi is so Yandere on that pic?
                              Just me?
                              Okay *rolls to the corner*
Damn Armin. Taking up all Eren's time. Doesn't he know Eren belongs to Levi?
gayweasley gayweasley Jun 18
people be saying homestuck but I'm screaming about Harry Potter and how snape said this to hermione , "dO YOU TAKE PRIDE IN BEING AN INSUFFERABLE KNOW IT ALL"
Just like how farlan and Isabel died *smirks* 
                              Levi: triggered
Mintchiper Mintchiper May 05
Armin:...Slept in or something. 
                              Meanwhile: *Eren being tortured*.
LEEVVIII KKKUUUUUUUN....doesnt sound right, Levi heichou or captain feels better