Safe Arms "ON HOLD"

Safe Arms "ON HOLD"

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PaisleyViking By PaisleyViking Updated Jul 01, 2015

In the context of human society, a family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity (by recognized birth),affinity (by marriage), or co-residence and/or shared consumption (see Nurture kinship).

Fifteen year old Liam's family consists of his eighteen year old brother, Brett; then there's Jonah, Brett's best friend - who has loved Liam since he first set eyes on him, and their wacky friend Aiden.  The three older boys have made it their priority to raise Liam together after Liam and Brett lost their mother under tragic circumstances.

In public Liam is quiet and shy; small and a late bloomer, he often gets picked on at school.  At home with his family, his personality blooms and he often becomes a mischievous imp keeping the older boys on their toes.

This is a coming of age story about acceptance, family , but mostly about true love and what once person is willing to do for the person he loves.

It is a boyxboy story, so if you are uncomfortable with this topic, please do not read any further.

  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
  • romance
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Chooky65 Chooky65 Nov 20, 2016
I can't wait for the completed story. As in all that Paisley writes it's going to be freaking amazing. 
                              I love how all the stories, whether intentional or not, interweave and complement all the boys stories of love and life.
                              You're a brilliant writer and I'm happy to be a huge fan of your work.
Grimisphere Grimisphere Nov 08, 2016
It actually took me a minute to make the connection and then I was screaming 😂😂😂😂 lol
AvidReader107 AvidReader107 Mar 05, 2017
I know this has been on hold for awhile bit I fell in love with these boys in Breaking Finn. I love Paisley's work and I know one day she will see us through the journey of Jonah and Liam's story.
_multifandom_fangirl _multifandom_fangirl Jul 06, 2015
theunalignedfae theunalignedfae Mar 30, 2015
I've been waiting for this! I can't believe it took me so long to come across it.
amcdaniel76 amcdaniel76 Feb 05, 2015
So, I'm finally just catching up to read this one, and I'm excited. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the cover you chose for this, but I quite literally stared at it for 10 minutes. I can't barely take my eyes away. I find it incredibly beautiful.