He'll Always Be My Alpha (boyxboy)

He'll Always Be My Alpha (boyxboy)

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kenna By kennabug66 Updated Apr 30, 2017

Maxwell Jensen, or Max, is not a normal werewolf. He didn't shift till he was 16 and you are supposed to when you're 14. He didn't think it was that big of a deal  but the pack doctor said he won't find his mate till he is 20. Two years after the normal time. But still he didn't think it was that big of a deal. He wants to forget about his past but he can't. Not when he knows its his fault. Even if it wasn't. 

Luis 'Moose' Ravin is the next in line for Alpha. His friends call him Moose for an unknown reason but he doesn't mind. He's pretty normal, but he has a memory he would rather forget. His father blames him and mother can't look him in the eyes without crying. He tells his best friend Max everything and Max is always there for him.

On Moose' 18th birthday he knows exactly who his mate is but he doesn't know if he wants to tell that person. He can't accept that his mate is a guy. Will Moose eventually tell him or will he reject him?

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Tadashi_Yamada Tadashi_Yamada Jun 11, 2017
THE FOURTH WALLLLL!!!!! Send the Gods to disintegrate everyone
Demon_Angel84 Demon_Angel84 Mar 07, 2017
Reminds me of my baby cousins... two different moms one was born on April 12 the other April 11... they almost shared a birthday
Tonje5505 Tonje5505 Jun 05, 2016
*fist bump's* falalalalalala. I love Baymax. I onestly started to cry when I saw that movie
Cerenityishere Cerenityishere Oct 19, 2016
HAHAHHAHA I HAVE THAT AS A TATTOO 😂😂😂 "ghost girl" 😂😂😂😂
snape_slythrin_by snape_slythrin_by Apr 17, 2016
Well im tou just you know drove through the fourth wall with a bulldozer sooo....
Tonje5505 Tonje5505 Jun 05, 2016
OMG I love his music and his vines and just him. He is sooooo good at singing