The Devil Wears A Leather Jacket... I Wear T-Shirts

The Devil Wears A Leather Jacket... I Wear T-Shirts

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Chris By brokensorrows Updated Dec 01, 2016

"You're my girlfriend," he stated.

"Not on your life!" I growled at him, I fricking growled.

"We'll see," he stated before walking off.

"Yeah we'll see, if I have anything to do about it."

They said he was the devil I beg to differ. He wore a leather jacket, I wore t-shirts. He was a bad boy, I annoyed the teachers. He smoked cigarettes , I smoked ham. He scared the school, I scared cheerleaders. He is a kick-boxer, I kicked boxes. He didn't like girls, I didn't like boys. He had a few friends, I had my twin sister. He was well known for being bad, I was well known for not giving a damn.

How did we meet well I got a little cocky, what happened after? Well a few things but that's just the beginning of it all. After all it was bad meets bad and it ended with a draw.

-This Is Not Another Cliche-

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Lizzie_Faith Lizzie_Faith Aug 12, 2016
omg...i read the first paragraph in taylor swift voice in the song "you belong to me"