No Control (Ziall Horlik) AU

No Control (Ziall Horlik) AU

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Brianna Lynn C. By BriannaLynnC98 Completed

(Sequel to Stokholm Syndrome)

Niall Horan is free now, but not really. His heart is still being held captive by Zayn. Love is a powerful emotion, is it too stong for him to control?

Zayn Malik received a life sentence for all the crimes he committed. Not in prison, of course. He's now a patient at the Bradford Mental Health Instatute due to the fact all his crimes were committed because of his mental state. He is supposed to be getting better here, but his love for Niall stops any improvement. 
Will two ever see each other again? Does fate have one more twist in their relationship? Or, will their love cause them to lose it and have no control?

(Read Stokholm Syndrome first, this book will make more sense after)

  • alone
  • boyxboy
  • death
  • depression
  • escape
  • horan
  • lose
  • lost
  • love
  • malik
  • mental
  • murder
  • niall
  • pain
  • run
  • sad
  • sequel
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It is sad but I can't even stay longer than a day without shower
Tbh I think it's better to get kidnapped and have Stockholm Syndrome than to be kidnapped and suffer
GraceWhoran GraceWhoran Dec 25, 2016
If I was in Nialls position I would have been words cause I get attached to things