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Emma's POV

Regina was sitting in her office. She was doing her paperwork. Until Emma walked in. She could see Emma was angry, but why. "Regina what did you do" Emma yelled. "I don't know what you're talking about" Regina said. "Oh like you don't know, does it ring a bell if i say Mary Margret". "What happend to her'' Regina said. " Like you don't know, the forgetting spell you did that now she doesn't even now who i am''. ''I didn't do that, when the people in Storybrooke are just started to tolerte me'' Regina said. ''I know you did this Regina you hate my mother so who else would do this''.

Emma walked out of the office back to Mary Margret's house. When she was walking home she thought about her conversation with Regina. Regina the woman that she has truely loved since she came to Storybrooke,but she was angry at her for cursing her mother.

When she came home Henry run into her arms. ''Mom glad you back where did you go''? Henry said. ''Just a walk in the park kid''. Emma walked ...

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Fahmster Fahmster Jan 03, 2015
Definitely an interesting way to start, I'm curious to see where you plan on taking this. I like it!