Snape's Daughter

Snape's Daughter

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'I know Severus, but is it best to send a 9 year old girl to Hogwarts?'

Ellia Snape .... The mysterious little girl embarking on a breathtaking journey as she fights against the good and bad wills of life, whilst shadowing behind her fathers paper figure. Protected from danger after her mothers disappearance, will all be shielded from danger?

DISCLAIMER : The characters, all except the Parkinson family (except Pansy of course) Aurora Grace, Panemia Ravenclaw and Ellia Snape, belong to the brilliant J.K Rowling. I do not own the story line either except what happens to Ellia. This is a twist on Harry Potter and my apologies if you do not like it :)

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phangirl_person phangirl_person Dec 21, 2017
*takes knife from @_totallyfangirling_  and runs at him* YOU STUPID PERSON
Cissy ia awesome!!!!
                              And i miss Dobby!!!!!! He died a free elf
Avenger_thewarrior Avenger_thewarrior Dec 05, 2017
Snape! *hits him over head with book* YOU DON’T IGNORE THAT STUFF AS HER PARENT!
Telaine9112 Telaine9112 Dec 19, 2017
I thought that Snape would at Least be nice to HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!!!!!!
SofieGamesYT SofieGamesYT Dec 22, 2017
Fidget Spinners End. SEVERUS IM COMING *steps on edge of fidget spinner at falls now reading this at the hospital with a broken leg*