Stupid Love Triangle (Bill x Reader x Dipper)

Stupid Love Triangle (Bill x Reader x Dipper)

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A  friend of mine actually suggested this. If it wasn't for her, none of this would've existed xD

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravity falls.
 This is a (Dipper x reader x Bill) fanfic... By the way, at the end of this book, there will be separate endings with either Dipper or Bill. You'll just have to choose. Your choice; not mine...

(Still under editing so please excuse bad grammar, misspellings and wrong punctuation. Also, I'm polishing its plot.)

The first sequel of this(Bill x Reader) is already out! Check my A/N in the end for more details.

I love how everyone is like yaoi
                              Lol...........I till don't know what that is thou
I don't like that, I hate the third eye idea, but, no problem, somebody could love you're idea tho
No I will be readying some creepypasta fanfics or blackbutler or be updating my book
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this is just funny, i mean ohhhhh a love traingle! *high fives mabel*
Bill Cipher = Nacho boy , sexy hot dorito ,  pervers , Ilumainatti ...............and ...................Dream Demon