Professor - Remus Lupin AU

Professor - Remus Lupin AU

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Of course I'm late for my favorite class. It's not the subject I like, it's my professor. Professor Lupin.  

I lean against the stone wall as the crisp October air dances with my hair. I take a second to bask in in considering the stairs I just had to run up to get here. 

"I'm sorry, sir," I say breathless, "I fell asleep studying." 

Professor Lupin gives a smile. "That's happened to me loads of times before. Quite alright. I haven't even started yet." 

I nod in thanks and find a place to stand. This year is Professor Lupin's first year along with Professor Potter and Professor Black. They all graduated three years ago, and Headmistress McGonagall gave them all jobs for some reason. She's charge is because Dumbledore took a year off to visit the Bahamas. So, James Potter is the Transfigurations professor, Sirius Black teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Remus Lupin teaches Astronomy. 

I've known Remus since my third year, his sixth. I had a friend who was a friend of ...

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                              THEY ARE ALIIIIIIVVVEEEEE
                              DUMBLES IS IN THE BAHAMAS 
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krystlb521 krystlb521 Nov 02
This is really hard to read when your father in law is sitting in the room and you cant laugh cause then he will wanna know why
How can Sirius be the DADA teacher if there is a curse on that roll
LuxBellona LuxBellona Aug 11
Can I be friends with her like can someone make her exist so we can be friends
Don't we all? Like I can't even comprehend the amount of conversations I've had with girls about their teacher crush!