Mr Irwin

Mr Irwin

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•WalkingPotato• By Holli_123_Rose Updated May 03, 2015

He was young and devoted to his job, he had big bright eyes that could make even the coldest heart warm.
His laugh, which changed many times, could easily make anyone swoon.
He was perfect.
But there was a problem.
He was my English teacher.

"Miss Edwards?" He asked calmly, his eyes scanning over my face.

"Yes sir?" I replied, noticing how close he was sitting, his knee was so close to mine I could almost feel it against my skin.

"What is it that's distracting you in lesson?" His voice was smooth, like it always is. An accent not so foreign to me rolled off his tongue and gently into my ears.

It took me a while to finally reply, but he didn't seem to mind how long I was taking.


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Ashton_Drumsticks Ashton_Drumsticks Jun 26, 2017
When you just finished a glee episode where this song was sung twice
AlexStilessss67 AlexStilessss67 May 18, 2016
this is- the part when- i throw a brick at yo brussel sprout look in ass
teen_in_space teen_in_space Jan 15, 2017
                              Imma just brush over Ariana with some MC/HM if you get me
                              If you don't....
                              Fight me.
vgslghts vgslghts Jan 09, 2017
Oh god I hate it when people go oh hahaha OCD just because someone is neat
hemmosputaa hemmosputaa Jul 23, 2016
This is the part where I gotta zayn and take a long ass nap.