King Of The Wolves

King Of The Wolves

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Valli_ann By AntoniaValyandis Updated Jan 17

Not everything is as it seems....
The King of wolves, a man who is feared by all, men and women alike fear to disappoint him. He is a man who's  heart is cold and black, He enjoys the pain of others. In a world of wolves a man who gives up on the hope to find his mate is a man who's heart is black and dead. 
As the wolves piled into the run down diner, they took up most of all the seats but not one of the men talked, they sat and waited as he , the king, walked in. 
Fear could be felt by all the wolves as they bowed there heads as he walked, afraid to move, afraid he would target them. As he finally came to the corner booth he sat with his Beta and gamma and with a nod of his head the wolves began to communicate with one another. 
However the diner was still filled with the sense of fear from the wolves and power and danger emitted from the alpha, the king. that all changed as she came through the kitchen door, as the employees of the diner began to serve the wolves, this girl appeared from the kitchen with a smile. An innocent soul as though it seems.
Her pure scent was carried throughout the diner , the wolves each infatuated by the scent those unmated  wolves thought things unorthodox by many but as the scent caught the kings attention, these thoughts stopped. 
He knew what this meant but he didn't understand how he could be paired with this innocent thing but he had no right to question the goddess of the moon. 

She was his.

However all is not what it seems, though she may seem so  innocent and delicate like glass. people will soon relies how wrong it is to judge those by there appearance. Because not everything is as it seems

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i'm a women and i do not bicker about meaningless things in my life it men who do all the bickering.
LeaAndMiaRhyme LeaAndMiaRhyme Aug 30, 2017
I once ate Oreos with tomato sauce. It didn't happen for any particular reason.
Donutismymiddlename Donutismymiddlename Dec 19, 2017
Oh really? I Guessed the kings name 3 times! Ha!! I guessed the king! Not second but third!  (Damn im stupid)
ChillinForAKillin ChillinForAKillin Jul 05, 2017
When you read the last line in the description, did anyone else sing wizards of waverly place?
Live2daydie2mrw Live2daydie2mrw Nov 20, 2016
Mystery grabs your attention
                              Romance holds your interest
                              Climax leaves you hanging
                              And authors well.... They enjoy the show
I love the description!! 😍😍👏👏😍😍😍😍😍