Mr. Spice & Everything Nice (BoyxManxMan+)

Mr. Spice & Everything Nice (BoyxManxMan+)

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Mrs. Tumnus By YaoiLuvr4Lyf Completed

A large house, a large family created by a lack of blood relations.  A man, strong willed and willing to help any lost cause within his area. A group of nine becomes a group of ten and his hands are full, his work is completing itself. How simple is it to control the life of another, how simple is it to change somebody's train of thought from death to happiness?

It's not simple. It's a struggle for even those who put their life into it, but Erik Spice is not about to give up. Milton Michael doesn't know this. He believes he was sent as a punishment for having the problems he has. His parents couldn't have him and his uncle didn't want him, so he was passed on, but to who? Who is this man who keeps nine other men in his household, who is this man whose touch is gentle but demanding? Milton doesn't know. He doesn't want to know, he just wants to go home.

And whether his home is in death or in life, he doesn't know yet.

Warnings: This is a polyamorous relationship between eleven males, one under eighteen (he is seventeen). It involves high talk of self-hate and neglect of the body, please be cautious within entering this book.

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  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • elevensome
  • group-intercourse
  • multiple
  • neglect
  • polyamorous
  • self-harm
  • self-hate
  • suicide
heyheyo heyheyo Jun 21
They're all spices and the title and his name wtf this is so clever I'm overwhelmed
Snape75 Snape75 Nov 30
Seriously, this man has obsessed me for two years and inspired me in so many ways 😊
ptxoffical ptxoffical Jul 16
Polyamorous, you are correct. But you are wrong about homosexuality. It was only frowned apon during the peak of wars, early 1900's, but 1800's or farther back no one cared. It was even encouraged.
Top to everyone below bottom to Saffron and Turmeric and Spice
Man this is going to be the easiest book for me when it comes to character name. Their all spices
Top to everyone below bottom to Saffron, Turmeric, Dill, Spice