Mine (StingLu Fanfic)

Mine (StingLu Fanfic)

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>Mitsu< By NatskiChan04 Updated Dec 10, 2016

Ever since Lisanna came back from Edolas, 
the guild Fairy Tail and some of it's members started acting oddly weird. 
They would say things that would hurt Lucy and felt a bunch of emotions that overwhelmed her. 
She gives up and decides to leave. 
What will happen to Lucy now? 
Will she regret what she did? 
Go back? 
Or something else even better happened? 

Stay Tuned to know what will happen to Lucy. 


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luna3934 luna3934 Dec 12, 2017
SHE JUST GOT TOLD 五五五五五五五五五五五五五荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊
Masison190 Masison190 Jun 07
All the guild didn't get her a birthday present expect for then
- - Mar 31, 2017
*mad and hit erza really hard in the stomach making her cough up blood*how dare they do that to lucy
Silversparrow16 Silversparrow16 Sep 12, 2017
逕ell in this story at least she's happy when she leaves I would have been like peace out female dogs 
PsychoDoctor PsychoDoctor Jun 10, 2017
Wow... its emotional... I... ok....vnuigfnuivgfngvinubhjnifb
_Sugar_Skulls_ _Sugar_Skulls_ Apr 19, 2017
Why you gotta be so ruuude dont you know im human tooo *sings*